SFU Surrey Research

Electronic Commerce, Communication and Communities Lab

The Electronic Commerce, Communications and Communities Usability Lab (EC3 Usability Lab) examines the areas where the virtual world interfaces with the physical world. The EC3 lab will be a specialized lab, supporting research in the human and user component of technology development. The lab develops and evaluates applications that merge the virtual and physical world and provides a platform for research in user interface, user response, and user requirements in areas such as Electronic Commerce, Educational Technology, and Community Informatics.

InterActivity Lab

The Interactivity Lab involves researchers from varied backgrounds (computing science, art, design, performing arts, education, and social science) challenging our current range of digital interfaces and interactivity solutions. The research in the Interactivity Lab supports existing and in-development tools and solutions, and develops new forms of interactivity and authoring tool methods, from small numeric-pad driven interfaces to full body, multi-sensory interaction.

InfoNet Media Lab

The InfoNet Media Lab houses a computer-based environment that allows for the creation, usage, and sharing of multi-modal information to support such areas as:

The goal of utilizing the InfoNet Media Lab is to define, investigate, and integrate advanced multimedia and creative technologies, in order to dramatically transform the way an individual communicates, works, teaches, learns, and plays.

Shared Virtual Environment Lab

Multidimensional sound and imagery. Tactile sensations. Computer-generated 3-D avatars. These are only a few of the creative research techniques being explored within the Shared Virtual Environment Lab. The particular focus of the lab is shared virtual environments where technology is used to provide sensory cues of physical presence. The lab supports research into shared spaces, developed to provide an immersive virtual reality environment in which users can interact with others in similar spaces in Canada and around the world.