SFU Surrey Research

Change Your SFU Surrey Research Password

We have two methods for changing your password, if you are familiar with unix shells, it is recommended for you to choose the first method for it is much more secure. If this method does not work for you, please use the web form (method 2) to change your password.

Method 1

You may change your password by using SSH to connect to the server hood.iat.sfu.ca with your current username and password. For example, from an OSX or Linux machine, open a terminal and enter: ssh yourusername@hood.iat.sfu.ca. From Windows, use PuTTY (should be installed on all lab machines).

Note: You MUST do this from on campus at SFU or it will not work!

Method 2

There is an online form available to change your password.

Password requirements

Passwords are considered to be based on other words by some application of the following rules: